Poder Hacer celebrates action. The first international conference on creative cities suggests in its title the flow of meanings and ideas that serve as points of departure for the projects dreamed up by the Laboratorio para la Ciudad.

In Spanish, poder is both a verb and a noun: as a verb, it means “to be able to,” and as a noun, it signifies “power”. At Poder Hacer, “poder” means making real the imaginary, bringing dreams to life, being free to do and make. But “poder” is also the capacity to build new bridges and create new opportunities between citizens and their government, managed through the administrative structures of the metropolis. Hacer also has a double meaning, a verb that at once means “to do” and “to make.” Here, “hacer” is the verb that best captures a Creative City, a city that creates, invents, and understands the unlimited possibilities of new solutions.

Poder Hacer seeks to expand the scope of civic action within the creation of new public policy for creative agents. Poder Hacer is the first step in building a creative Mexico City.


You can take part in Poder Hacer through presenting a paper as part of a workshop or by giving a public performance.

Through these forms of participation, Poder Hacer is looking to exchange experiences, knowledge, and insights about the paradigms and existing designs for the conceptualization and application of creativity in cities. This conference is an opportunity to capture and articulate lessons as well as to compile visions about the current state, changing models, and future of the creative context on the international level.

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